Are thoughts a creating force…

Ghost Be careful what you wish for…

… you just might get it. Is a saying heard many times and I know for a fact at least in 3 languages. Since I like to assume that in manny old sayings there might be some truth hiding, lets put a question mark here…

To investigate this saying one approach could be to assume that if you can get what you wish for, thoughts somehow are a creating force. This is the thesis I want to pose.

“Are thoughts a creating force…?”

let’s, for the sake of investigating it, assume its true. If you wish for something really intense you are creating or manifesting this desired item or event to occur. I for one believe that several wishes I had came true due to this mechanism. I also believe that imagining already having this desired item or situation is a very strong way of creating with your thoughts. In other words, I believe you can actually place orders in the universe and your orders will be delivered. This is the part where some of you might think:” Maybe he didn’t lost all his marbles yet but there’s definitely a hole in the bag.” For those I would like to say, bear with me, even if its just to see where we’re going with this.

If this thesis would be true, how come there’s so many people in the world leading miserable lives in bad conditions, one might ask. Good point!

I would reply:” In order for this to work you have to sincerely believe it and actively practice it to create or manifest something.” I think this takes a big chunk out of the group of unfortunate people but not all. let’s park the still unfortunate group for a moment and get on with the big chunk. How does this work?

So are there rules or limitations in how this works? Yes I think there are.

The ground rules are basically very simple, the principle is that all is energy in some form or shape, every thing we can see, touch, hear and even feel is energy manifested in a certain shape. The shape of the energy or the frequency it vibrates in, determines if we experience something in a solid or liquid state, or a radiation or even a feeling. So why not a thought?

I believe energy is universal, the universe is energy moving in certain patterns ruled by certain laws, known as the universal laws. Each of us know these laws and how they work on a subconscious level. We subconsciously use them or experience their results every day. The small things, like thinking about someone whom you haven’t talked to in a long time all over sudden he/ she calls you up or runs in to you in the supermarket.

Thinking about this person creates an energy transfer to this certain person. Communication, back and forward, takes place and if the receiver also maybe subconsciously wants to meet choices are made to make this render vous happen. You can call this a coincident.

Lets take a look at the word Co-Incident. Isn’t the word “co” used to describe a relation or an agreement of some sort between two parties. (e.g. cooperation, company) The word incident has many definitions, one of it is: “something that occurs casually in connection with something else.”

So yeah, maybe it is a coincident, but just not in the way the most people use the word.

Another example in my daily life would be something like thinking to my self:” I’m in a hurry I mustn’t forget to take my wallet out of my other coat before I leave…”, What do you know… of course I forgot my wallet!

The #1 rule:

“In order to gain benefit from this mechanism the wish you express can not in anyway whatsoever bring harm to or disadvantage anyone including yourself.”

– Note, sometimes people don’t completely oversee the consequences of their wishes to their selfs or others. The universe always does.

The big chunk group would, as I said before if they would sincerely believe in this and actively practice this in my opinion be able to change their lives. But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself, become a member of the big chunk group, what have you got to loose? If you’re insecure, start small, if not go crazy! See what happens.

Then there’s the unfortunate group we parked earlier. I think this has to do with choices, choices that were made before one’s soul descents to this earth. Choices about what one particular soul desires to experience in his upcoming live on earth. I don’t want to go into detail about this in this post. Feel free to ask if you’re interested in my ideas about that.

Some of you who really paid attention might think the “wallet” example doesn’t really confirm the thesis because after all in the end I DID forget my wallet. Yeah well that’s kind of the second rule at work here.

The #2 rule:

It’s gotta be positive, negativity will be ignored!

Negative words like “not” are ignored. In the wallet case if we ignore the word “not’ I actually wished “I MUST forget to take my wallet…..”

That simple? Yup that’s all!

So far the theoretical part of the thesis, are you still with me?

How does one put this into practice to gain the (almost) unlimited benefits of this thesis, provided its true. But then again, try it, what do you have to loose?

First of all let me say that believing something or not is just a matter of convincing yourself about something, in other words it can be manipulated by yourself. Simply by repeating it as if it was a solid truth. Even the most brilliant brain is easy to convince, keep telling it something and eventually it starts to believe it. More about that another time. Brain wash yourself by repeating something to be so and at least for you, it wil be so. (Plenty of examples in life of that I think.)

Imagination is kind of the tool for creating or manifesting. Imagining you already have the desired item or situation will greatly boost the manifestation proces. Imagining can be done on many levels, the more levels you include in your imagination the stronger the force that will be behind this proces.

For example, you really want a job interview to end up in the much desired job. By imagining the outcome of the interview  you are creating it to happen, according to the thesis. You can boost this by adding levels to your imagination. Remember the smell in the office where the interview took place, remember all the details you have seen in that office and embed them in your imagination. Imagine you standing in that office while the interviewer is shaking your hand saying the words ” Congratulations, you’re hired!” or ” We look forward working with you” and feel the handshake while you hear the words. You have now embedded senses in you imagination, smell, touch and vision..

Of course, one could say: he probably would have gotten the job any way, or nothing proves beyond doubt that he actually manifested this to happen. Or I really believed it and it didn’t work’t. No hard evidence. Thats the beauty of this thesis, if you believe it to be true it is true, and if you don’t believe it to be true, it’s not true! ( and therefore it’s still true! 😉 )

It can not be proven beyond any doubt but what if it works? Nothing to loose and all to gain.

There’s one more thing to it.

Gratitude is the power tool behind this proces, gratitude puts an enormous driving force on the proces of manifesting any desired goal or situation. Gratitude before the manifestation AND after.

In the example above you have imagined as if the event already took place, and so now add gratitude to the occasion. Be thankful for it to have happened even though it was yet to take place. Afterwards be thankful again when it actually took place. Expres your gratitude to the universe, while looking to the skies, or while closing your eyes. It doesn’t matter how you expres your gratitude as long as you do so.

Conclusion: It works for me, hard to provide prove beyond any doubt but I wish for it to be true. 🙂

There have been written many books on this subject and I find a lot to be worth reading. It takes you further into the details about the subject and might help you improve your manifestation skills or understand its possibilities and its limits. I invite you to investigate if you found this article to be worth reading and hope to have moved you into trying it out for your self. Improve your life, take control on your wellbeing and live in gratitude. That’s what I wish for everyone.

One love!


p.s. Some of those earlier mentioned books I have read and those together with my experiences led me to the conclusion I have stated in this post. Since an opinion is solely based on experience and or red knowledge I welcome any ones feedback, point of view or thoughts on the subject to expand my horizon and grow. Cheers in advance….